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In the 2015/2016  season, the Minnows organising committee, in conjunction with advice from SLSA NSW, will be implementing the new NSW Working With Children Check (WWCC) process for all our volunteers, including water safety

We acknowledge that the implementation will put some additional work load on all our volunteers who will need to go to a NSW Service Centre  (aka motor registry) to prove their identity, but it will help us ensure the safest environment possible for all our children.

There are 4 main steps to the WWCC process

1- Register for a volunteers (it’s free) WWCC number on the NSW Govt  WWCC website  This will give you a registration number

2- Take this registration number with your ID to a NSW Service Centre to validate your identification

3- You will then be sent  your WWCC number.  It can take up to 4 weeks so please get started now.

4 – Bring your WWCC number and your ID to one of our two Volunteer Info sessions where we can validate and register you as a volunteer at Minnows

We know that this process will be a challenge as we need to register 300+ volunteers, but we want to make this as easy and simple as possible and ask for your support to bring in this change.

Volunteer organisations have collected pieces of paper from people for many years, but most people do not realise that these simply sit in club houses or offices around the country without ever being cross referenced to any records.  The WWCC process is a major change that will allow this  to occur for the people who are working with all of our children.