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Joining and Renewing


Parents helping out is key to the success of Coogee Minnows, but only parents that are trained and registered members of Surf Life Saving (SLS) and Coogee SLSC are legally permitted to assist.

All membership requests and payments are processed via the SLS Members Portal: Whether renewing membership, transferring membership or joining Coogee SLSC start here:

  • If you are an existing SLS and Surf Club member then login with the same username and password that you used in previous seasons. If you are a new member then click the link towards the foot of the page to join a surf club. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • In all cases, ensure that you’re renewing/requesting membership of ‘Coogee (NSW)‘, ‘Sydney Branch‘, ‘Surf Life Saving NSW‘.
  • When your renewal, transfer or joining application has been submitted you’ll get a message saying that your request is pending approval; now proceed to ‘Make A Payment’ and click the link to proceed to the payment website:
    • Note: Payment via the SLS Members Portal is for adult membership requests only. All kids’ Minnows fees are to be paid via TryBooking as in previous seasons.
    • There are many classes of membership at Coogee SLSC, but in most cases only two are relevant to Minnows adult volunteers:
      • Bronze Medallion holders who participate as Minnows ‘Water Safety’ (our ‘Orange Shirts’) should join Coogee SLSC as a ‘Senior Active’ member. Remember to sign-on at the Boat Shed every Minnows Sunday to accrue season patrol hours. Please register your details here too.
      • All other adults participating as Minnows ‘Age Assistants’ (our ‘Blue Shirts’) must join as a ‘General Member’ of the Surf Club.
  • When both your membership application and payment have been received, Coogee SLSC will complete the pending request.


Please ensure that you have completed the above steps before attending the compulsory training sessions

Compulsory Training


Please print out the attached Member Protection Form and bring it with you.

  • 12th September 7:00pm at Coogee Surf Club – New Age Assistants and Water Safety
  • 3rd October 6:30pm at Coogee Surf Club – Renewing Age Assistants and Water Safety
  • 17th October 6:30pm at Coogee Surf Club – New Age Assistants and Water Safety