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Coogee Minnows

Nippers Surf Lifesaving

Code of Conduct

The surf club expects Minnows to:

• Listen carefully to their age manager’s directions and to follow these directions.
• Respect their fellow club members and competitors and to support and applaud all their efforts and successes.
• Wear their club caps at all times during club activities.
• Wear their PINK rashie before entering the water
• Wear their club tee-shirt and apply sunscreen during club activities Remove cap on completion of Minnows

The surf club expects Minnows NOT to:

• Display bad sportsmanship.
• Enter the surf without their age manager’s direction.
• Fight, push or throw sand.
• All placing’s in club events are determined by an Age Managers and are final.
• Should any Age Manager be having discipline problems with a Minnow please discuss with the Captain.